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The greatest work of art is our own life. That which we create day by day when we connect with the infinite possibilities of our own BEING.

We are all artists.

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  Welcome to AURORA.

 Transpersonal Art Therapy  

I invite you on a journey to meet yourself intimately. Through artistic creation, expressive movement, dance, song and performance art,  you will connect with all of your creative potential and inner resources, learning to put them into practice in your every day life.

With these tools you will be able to heal and  bring  peace, well-being and abundance into all aspects of your life. You will flourish.










Hello! I am Karina Bertolotto, founder of AURORA, Arte Terapia Transpersonal


I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, at the age of 21 I graduated in Psychology from the Catholic University of Uruguay.  Immediately after I graduated I studied Gestalt and Art Therapy, which gave me a clear perspective on what direction I would follow within psychology.


In 2003 I moved to Barcelona to continue learning, the same year I began to study a Masters in Humanist Psychotherapy at the Erich Fromm Institute and then Integrative Somatic Therapy at Espai de Gestalt.


Since 2005 I have been a professor at the University of Barcelona and I have been the academic coordinator of the Psychotherapy area of ​​the Master of Music Therapy together with Nuria Escudé


I have been trained in Claudio Naranjo's Integrative Psychology SAT program since 2007, organizing the program for 5 beautiful years in California, Canada, Brazil, China and Uruguay.

I have done workshops and learned from Anna Halprin, Stan Grof, Hank Wesselman, Andrew Harvey, taking different Esalen Institute educational programes over time.

I am an artist and writer, curious traveler, lover of comparative mysticism and the most important and inspiring learning experiences have been the non-academic ones, life experiences traveled through long stays in California, linked to the CIIS (Califronian Institute of Integral Studies), in Mexico, Brazil and Peru, learning from the different shamanic traditions of each country.

I have travelled to India to continue my meditation and yoga training, where I have spent long stays in Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganges learning from Sri Prem Baba.

I become a professional member of Eurotas (European Association for Transpersonal Psychology), since in this approach to Transpersonal Psychology I have found tools that really help the change that people seek towards greater well-being.

My practice is based on a holistic approach that takes into account the relationship between mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

My job is to help my clients explore and transform those aspects that are preventing a full and creative life, I do this through a wide range of tools that I have been incorporating over the years.

Little by little the person begins to flourish and those symptoms that blocked their development are transformed into pure creative potential. As an aggregate that springs naturally from the therapeutic process, a less selfish interest in the world in which we live begins to awaken and therefore the awareness that we need to heal ourselves individually in order to contribute to creating a more sustainable world, becoming more sensitive to the interconnection between all living things.

Therefore, the result of this encounter is a change in the way of relating to oneself, achieving a much more loving and careful way of being with oneself, with others and with the world in which we live.

I feel very honored to accompany these processes, and to assist in the transformation of these people who, like butterflies, leave one form behind to give way to a new one. It ia a truly beautiful witnessing. 

To be able to walk together with you and accompany your process, I have gone through a deep therapeutic and transformation work in myself.

I am the mother of two beautiful children and I have just finished a book related to the different aspects of the sacred feminine that is the result of the doctorate that I have been doing at Queen Margaret University, Scotland, it is like another child that is being born.

am grateful every time I participate in this transformation process and to be alive to be able to contribute at this time to a global change towards a more ecological life in every possible way.

My passion is ART


Through the years I have been researching and working on a way to combine ART and THERAPY, as a whole they have allowed me to find a path of personal self-realization and help many others to find their source of inspiration and fulfillment.



"Imagination is not a state, it is human experience itself"

William Blake.

IMG_1373 2.jpg
IMG_1373 2.jpg

"My process with Karina has been, in a few words, to mature the woman in me, recognize my courage to walk my own steps, take my strength and put myself in congruence with my heart. She has accompanied me with great respect and affection throughout a very important stretch and has helped me to integrate and give birth to myself again to a more joyful life in which I am taking my place in the Circle, offering my gifts. I value, trust and recommend your work fully.

Veronica Carbonell - Psychologist  



"Karina, the workshop in  Santo Domingo - Ecuador on art therapy, was certainly an integrating event of cultures and wonderful human experiences, healing our inner being. It was spectacular and was a great blessing for all.

We hope to see you at more events like this.  We love you"

Jackeline Meneses - Psychologist  


"My words for my career with Karina can only be of thanks and gratitude.
I never imagined such a deep and highly rewarding experience, I never imagined that when I crossed Karina's door, it would lead me to go out each time through a different door of my inner world.
I found that girl that you helped me to recover, to guide, to understand, to pamper, to clothe, to value and to love..... knowing how to forgive, discovering my innermost self asleep or hidden and being able to continue walking every day of my life without fear, without taboos, safely and always believing in myself."


Silvia Litran - Secretary


"When I met Karina I was in the midst of an important moment in my life since I had migrated to another continent, I had left my parents' guardianship for the first time and I felt very alone. I am from Peru and I went to Barcelona to to study.  

I think Karina helped me recognize myself and see myself with other eyes, more loving ones. I carried many ideas and she accompanied me to allow me to feel.  

He accompanied me to express my sorrow freely and to value it since I had a sorrow that seemed endless.

In group meetings, working with art gave me new ways to see and express myself.  

I am totally grateful for the meeting."

Yomaira - Peru - Psychologist  

"Almost 10 years after finishing the TECI (Integrative Body Expressive Therapy) training, every year that passes I value more the change it made in me. I am a psychologist and I have been in a personal search continuously. I could say that there was a before and after with this formation.

TECI was a project created by Karina Bertolotto, to whom I am more than grateful for having invited me to participate. Those who taught the course are very outstanding people in their field. They came from various countries to our beloved Salto. From  Mexico, Italy, Spain, Argentina.

It was a very intense job, and I think that each one managed to see the results in their own life story. Always grateful."


Silvia Correa Sosa - Psychologist


"In this process of self-discovery -of recognizing myself and being freer of my own limitations- Karina has accompanied me with her integrating gaze, opening new paths, to find me with nourished learning."

Ximena  Piastri - Psychologist  


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"I have been working with Karina for 5 years, through different therapeutic modalities. Her ability to hold the space of transformation is profound. I feel very fortunate  of having your guidance to come to some realization and understandings. The work we have done together has led to a great transformation in me, I feel more rooted than ever. It has taken me 40 years to get back into my body, make room for my inner child, connect with my heart and start living a life that is empowered and authentic. Karina is a beautiful being with an open heart and a spectacular healer."


     Adnaan Khan. Engineer.  


"The path traveled as a patient next to Karina was an experience with many emotions. Meeting us years before and then this bond was formed almost virtually, at a time when virtuality was an option and not a should. He considered that with willingness , impeccable therapeutic attitude, she was always during my process. The "end" of this progress was important just as the beginning closed, with infinite gratitude with different scenarios and with an open door that we can always return to."

Sofia Ramirez - Art Therapist  


Dear Karina:  

With you I remembered how important it is to continue giving space to my still painful experiences, those that I came to think already healed because I have "worked" on them for years..  those that we have shared with other women for - probably - thousands of years.  

I went to the depths trusting that you would be there, and so it was. You received me with love, respect, teachings, elegance and humility.  

You enabled a wonderful stage with other women, where I did nothing but resonate, embrace and learn. The boost I needed to encourage me to open scenarios where others could receive what I was receiving.

I respect you and hug you immensely. Thank you for your company, affection and disposition.

Luchi Aicardi Barrot

Peru - Psychologist

"My time at Olami (Salto ROU) and then continuing my therapeutic process with Karina marked a fundamental milestone in my life. Doing this review brings to me all the shared experience... Not only was my professional work enriched, I feel that I traveled with love, care and empathy the depths of my Being as a person and relegated aspects were revealed that I could integrate and understand myself more comprehensively. What I received still lives in me, it was not just another training experience. Gratitude, grateful, thank you, are the words that resonate in my heart with the strength of the present that inhabits me."  

Ines Flament - Psychologist - Argentina

"Karina helped me start and move forward on a deep process of self-acceptance, transformation and trust. She showed me the path of TCI (integrative body therapy), gestalt and transpersonal therapy to finally reach the SAT program where my inner movement found enough maturity to decant everything traveled and assume the integration of my hidden parts.

With his accompaniment I felt a great respect for my times, a permanent loving contact and the appreciation of my potentialities. In this way my life took a turn towards a new transit and experience, healing some wounds and discovering others".  

Jorge Alcides Buffa - Argentina -

Qigong teacher

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"Everything that comes from an internal need, from the soul, is beautiful"


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