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ART THERAPY LAB  - Saturday, February 19th -

From 11 AM TO 6 PM.

ContributioN: 45 euros 

RegsitratioN: WhatsAPP +34 658 464 708

I invite you on a journey to meet yourself intimately. Through artistic creation, expressive movement, dance, song and performance art. You will connect with all of your creative potential and inner resources, learning to put them into practice in your everyday life. With these tools you will be able to heal and bring  peace, well-being and abundance into all aspects of your life. You will flourish.   




Art therapy is a path of healing through art, the aim is to find ways to express what is waiting to be heard in order to be healed and integrated.  


We work with different expressive possibilities: art materials (paintings, clay, paper...etc) also dance, sound healing , voice, music and performance art.


This combination of therapeutic setting and art helps us to express who we are, through art therapy we access parts of ourselves that we project in the art piece, therefore it is a direct route into the personal and collective unconscious. 


The transpersonal approach takes us on a journey that goes beyond our conditioned mind, our ego and allows us to connect with the inner self from which the essential creative force/energy arises. 


From that place we access a higher state of consciousness in connection with the most genuine/authentic part of ourselves and  we find healing and answers that arise from our true self. 




In the art therapy session we work as in a lab, we create experimental situations in order to go beyond what we already know.  It is about transcending our comfort zone, taking a leap into the void and opening to our creative potential in a safe container. 

In the first part of the session we go into our bodies, grounding, moving and recognizing ourselves and the others in the mysterious continuum of time space. 

From this embodiment process we propose an artistic expression with the purpose of reflecting and deepening the 'messages' of the body. 

Through art, colours, lines and shapes, images will emerge with their own rhythm as a metaphor for our movement, and will allow us to discover ourselves, release our imagination to create and occupy spaces, reflect and deepen aspects of ourselves that emerge in consciousness. 


We work with gestalt psychotherapeutic techniques and transpersonal psychology with the purpose of healing and integrating everything that has emerged in the session. 


-  Recovering the connection with the impulse that moves us from within and returning to our daily lives with this creative movement rooted in the body. 


- Healing to create new ways of relating to ourselves, to others, to the community, and therefore, new ways of being in the world that are more loving, functional and rooted in the present moment. 

- Connecting with the flow of life as well as overcoming creative blocks, depression, lack of meaning, insecurities, obsessions and low self-esteem. 


- Integrating experiences in altered states of consciousness. 


- Meditating in motion through art and embodying ourselves in our present experience. 


- Connecting with joy and enabling playfulness, letting go and going beyond judgment and criticism in order to enter a state of Being


- Finding answers that emerge from a place of contact with our higher self. 

“Each work of art embodies the vision of its creator and reveals a facet of the collective mind. Artists offer the world the pain and beauty of their souls as a gift to open their eyes and heal the collective. "

Alex Gray

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