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 Welcome to AURORA.

Transpersonal Art Therapy.


AURORA´s vision is to create a new dawn that gives us the hope to meet each other from more harmonious places, and that reveals the desire to start living from a more ecological paradigm in every aspect, both internal and external.

Our mission

The purpose is to restore balance in ourselves through inner work and with the world we live in creating harmony and beauty in different ways.  

We achieve this by providing tools and facilitating processes that allow the person to go beyond obstacles and to connect with their creativity. This process leads to create prosperity in their life and as an addition it is naturally shared with their loved ones and their community.


Our focus


Our approach is based on a holistic view of the human being that takes into account the relationship between mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

The theoretical foundations of our work comes from Humanist and Transpersonal Psychology, applying this therapeutic approach and its techniques to Art Therapy.

Our projects help align ourselves and finding internal coherence between what we think, feel and do, finding this balance is essential for a healthy life.

The goal is to restore harmony through the integration of different aspects of our personality, becoming aware of limiting patterns and reestablishing our creative flow.

Our vision

Our vision is to create spaces where our projects are accessible to all, favoring community meetings, comprehensive health and creative development.

The ecological conscience, a sense of justice, the social activism, underlie all the proposals, since our vision has to co-create together a more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations.


Our therapeutic principles

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Art is the fullest manifestation of our humanity, it arises from a deep desire of expression, it is the vital energy manifesting itself. Art therapy helps us overcome creative blocks and connect with the flow of life, overcoming depressions, lack of meaning, insecurities and obssesions.


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We believe that that is the relationship what heals. We build and recreates ourselves, always in relationship, as we are not separated. This is one of the most important spiritual truths: the sense of interconnectedness. The therapeutic relationship is central to our approach.

Through transpersonal art therapy we realize that we are all artists and we learn to bring out our inner artist at every moment, entering the flow of life in contact with the fertile emptiness from which all possibilities emerge and from where the true creation arises.

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When we are creating we enter a continuous present, in contact with our breath, our body and our sensations. We meditate in motion through art and inhabit ourselves in our present experience.

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Transpersonal art therapy is an excellent integrator of experiences in altered states of consciousness. It helps us to finding the meaning of what we have lived and bring it to our daily lives to improve the quality of life and create well-being from a full awareness of the experience.

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In transpersonal art therapy we work with different expressive possibilities that helps us to who we are and what we need to share : art materials (paintings, clay, paper...etc) also dance, sound healing , voice,  music and performance art.

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Art invites us to let the unexpected emerge, enable contact with being, which leads us to become wiser and to realize that our identity is flexible, that we are much more than what we were told we were, that we became and they made us believe. Transpersonal art therapy has to do with giving a place to our essence and being able to live from this contact with our deepest truth.


"Karina, the workshop in Santo Domingo - Ecuador on art therapy, was certainly an integrating event of cultures and wonderful human experiences, healing our inner being. It was spectacular and was a great blessing for all. We hope to have you in more events like this. We love you ".

Jackeline Meneses - Psychologist



"The path traveled as a patient with Karina was an experience with many emotions. Meeting each other years before and then this bond was formed almost virtually, at the time when virtuality was an option and not a should. She considered that with disposition She was always an impeccable therapeutic attitude during my process. The "end" of this progress was important as the beginning was closed, with infinite gratitude with different scenarios and with an open door that we can always return to.

Sofía Ramirez - Art Therapist


Hello! I am Karina Bertolotto, founder of AURORA , Arte Terapia Transpersonal


I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, at the age of 21 I graduated in Psychology from the Catholic University of Uruguay.  Immediately after I graduated I studied Gestalt and Art Therapy, which gave me a clear perspective on what direction I would follow within psychology.


In 2003 I moved to Barcelona to continue learning and that same year I began to study a Masters in Humanist Psychotherapy at the Erich Fromm Institute and then Integrative Somatic Therapy at Espai de Gestalt.


Since 2005 I have been a professor at the University of Barcelona and I have been the academic coordinator of the Psychotherapy area of ​​the Master of Music Therapy together with Nuria Escudé


I have been trained in Claudio Naranjo's Integrative Psychology SAT program since 2007, organizing the program for 5 beautiful years in California, Canada, Brazil, China and Uruguay.

I have done workshops and learned from Anna Halprin, Stan Grof, Hank Wesselman, Andrew Harvey, taking different Esalen Institute educational programmes over time.

I am an artist and writer, curious traveler, lover of comparative mysticism and the most important and inspiring learning experiences have been the non-academic ones, life experiences traveled through long stays in California, linked to the CIIS (Califronian Institute of Integral Studies), in Mexico, Brazil and Peru, learning from the different shamanic traditions of each country.

I have travelled to India to continue my meditation and yoga training, where I have spent long stays in Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganges learning from Sri Prem Baba.

I become a professional member of Eurotas (European Association for Transpersonal Psychology), since in this approach to Transpersonal Psychology I have found tools that really help the change that people seek towards greater well-being.

My practice is based on a holistic approach that takes into account the relationship between mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

My job is to help my clients explore and transform those aspects that are preventing a full and creative life, I do this through a wide range of tools that I have been incorporating over the years.

Little by little the person begins to flourish and those symptoms that blocked their development are transformed into pure creative potential. As an aggregate that springs naturally from the therapeutic process, a less selfish interest in the world in which we live begins to awaken and therefore the awareness that we need to heal ourselves individually in order to contribute to creating a more sustainable world, becoming more sensitive to the interconnection between all living things.

Therefore, the result of this encounter is a change in the way of relating to oneself, achieving a much more loving and careful way of being with oneself, with others and with the world in which we live.

I feel very honored to accompany these processes, and to assist in the transformation of these people who, like butterflies, leave one form behind to give way to a new one. It ia a truly beautiful witnessing. 

To be able to walk together with you and accompany your process, I have gone through a deep therapeutic and transformation work in myself.

I am the mother of two beautiful children and I have just finished a book related to the different aspects of the sacred feminine that is the result of the doctorate that I have been doing at Queen Margaret University, Scotland, it is like another child that is being born.

am grateful every time I participate in this transformation process and to be alive to be able to contribute at this time to a global change towards a more ecological life in every possible way.

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"As we tap into the deep sources of bodily wisdom through creative expression of art, we dance to the renewal, recreation, and healing of ourselves and our world."

Anna halprin

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