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I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, I am the oldest of three children, my mother has bequeathed me a great love for literature and the arts. At the age of 15 I began to publish stories in the local newspaper in Salto, the city where I grew up. The themes of my narratives were mystical and visionary. Then they offered me a weekly column in the same newspaper, the main topics were on psychology, there I wrote for five years.

While studying at the Catholic University of Uruguay to obtain my degree in Psychology that I completed in 2000, I attended different Art Schools to develop my painting and sculpture skills. I studied with well-known artists such as Daniel Amaral Oyarvide, Juan Fletcher and Federico Arnau. In those years, I began to exhibit my own paintings and sculptures, first in Uruguay and then also in Spain.

In 2001, I began my work as a psychologist in individual and group therapy, while continuing to deepen my studies in art therapy and Gestalt therapy. In 2003, I moved to Barcelona to obtain a Master's Degree in Humanistic Psychotherapy at the Eric Fromm Institute. My interest in body work led me to continue studying at the Gestalt ESPAI Institute in Barcelona for three more years, specializing in Integrative Body Therapy.

In 2005, I began teaching art therapy to graduate students at the University of Barcelona, ​​while managing a cultural center dedicated to the integration of art and psychology in Sant Pol de Mar.

In 2007, I received my training in the SAT Integrative Psychology program developed by Claudio Naranjo. I acquired a deep understanding of the Enneagram and its applications in group facilitation and therapy. After six years of intense study and self-transformation, I became an organizer and have collaborated in various parts of the world through this program.

In Uruguay, from 2008 to 2013, I directed and facilitated an Integration of Arts, Body and Psychotherapy program for personal development and training. In those years, I also traveled extensively through Central and South America, learning shamanic traditions in Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador.


My spiritual life was transformed when traveling through India I met Sir Prem Baba's teachings. Aurobindo has been a great influence on my path as well.

From all these experiences I developed my approach, combining psychotherapy, the arts and traditional shamanic healing.

I am a passionate and studious traveler, and I continue to deepen my studies working on my PhD at the University of Edinburgh. The subject of my thesis is: "Femininity embodied in contemporary art practices: a possible implication in the psychotherapy of art".

I am the mother of two beautiful children, Iñaki was born in 1999 and Santiago was born in 2014, I live in the multicultural district of Raval in Barcelona in a great house where I love to invite my friends from all over the world.

At the heart of my home is my art studio.

My dream for the future is to live in a community, sharing with others my commitment to a happier, more sustainable and more balanced future.

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