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Online Psychotherapy Sessions

For more than 20 years one of my great passions has been individual psychotherapy, walking together on the path of transformation, self-knowledge and the healing of childhood experiences.


My approach is based on an holisitc vison of the human being that takes into account the relationship between mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

I am dedicated to help my clients to explore and transform those aspects that are preventing a full and creative life, my work is throughout a wide range of tools that I have been learning over the years.

Little by little the person begins to flourish and those symptoms that blocked their development are transformed into pure creative potential. As an aggregate that springs naturally from the therapeutic process, a less selfish interest in the world in which we live begins to awaken and therefore the awareness that we need to heal ourselves individually in order to contribute to creating a more sustainable world, becoming more sensitive to the interconnection between all living things.

Therefore, the result of this meeting is a change in the way of relating to oneself, achieving a much more loving and careful way of being with oneself, with others and with the world in which we live.

I feel very honored to accompany these processes, and to assist in the transformation of these people who, like butterflies, leave behind one form to give way to another, truly beautiful.

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"Dear Karina:

With you I remembered how important it is also to continue giving space to my still painful experiences, those that I come to think already healed because I have "worked" them for years ... those that we have shared with other women for - probably - thousands of years.

I went to the depths trusting that you would be there, and so it was. You received me with affection, respect, teachings, elegance and humility.

You set up a wonderful stage with other women, where I did nothing but resonate, hug and learn. The impulse I needed to encourage me to open scenarios where others could receive what I was receiving.

I respect you and hug you immensely. Thank you for your company, love and disposition.

Luchi Aicardi Barrot

Peru - Psychologist


"My words for my time with Karina, can only be of thanks and gratitude.
I never imagined such a profound and extremely rewarding experience, I never imagined that crossing Karina's door would lead me to leave each time through a different door of my inner world.
I found that girl that you helped me to recover, to guide, to understand, to pamper, to shelter, to value and to love ..... knowing how to forgive, discovering my innermost self asleep or hidden and being able to continue walking every day of my life without fear, without taboos, with security and always more believing in myself. "


Silvia Litran - Secretary


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