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Karina Bertolotto.

- Degree in Psychology, Catholic University Uruguay.

- Master Humanistic Psychology, Instituto Erich Fromm, Barcelona.

- Somatic Therapy and Movement. Espai de Gestalt, Barcelona.

- SAT Institute, Integrative Program for Transformation, Claudio Naranjo.

- Doctorate candidate in Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

- Professional member of the European Transpersonal Association EUROTAS.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, I have over 20 years of experience as a psychologist and art-therapist. My approach combines a deep knowledge of the relationship between mind, body and emotions: I help my clients explore and transform it through a wide array of tools.

I have studied all over the world, both in Academic and independent Institutions. I have a deep knowledge of the Enneagrama as developed by Claudio Naranjo and of its applications in group facilitation and therapy. I am familiar with the shamanic traditions of Peru and Mexico. My spiritual practices are inspired by Sri Prem Baba with whom I have been spending some time in India.

I am a passionate student, traveler and mother of two sons. I live in the multicultural district of Raval in Barcelona in a large house where I love to invite my friends.

At the heart of my home is my art-studio.

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